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Elegant Closed Frame

Aluminium closed frame improves thermal stability.


Designed to stimolate your creativity


Enjoy to create your own professional 3D models with various materials.

Metal Effector

Aluminium effector with precise rods-end for excellent resistance to oscillations


Full metal hot-end able to reach extremely high temperatures: over 300C .


Equipped with 0.4 nozzle for better layer resolution (0.2 to 0.6 optional) .


Dual Extruder optional

Metal Carriage

Steel linear guide ways and ball bearing carriages.


No carriage wobble, high positional accuracy, high stability.


Built-in belt tensioner.

Heated Bed

Printing surface composed of a silicon pcb resistor and aluminium plate for better material adhesion.

New Electronics Generation

Custom designed board optimized for Dedalo machine!


Get the maximum speed and highest resolution movement for your machine with a new electronic control board based on 32 bit ARM processor.


Four built in stepper driver with 1/32 step and 2.5A current output.


Multi extruder expandable.

Remote Control

Dedalo has Linux inside !


Remote Control of machine with web interface !

No need to install software on your computer.


You can manage your machine with any device (smartphone,tablet…) via wifi or ethernet .

Technical Specifications


aluminium extrusions joined by stainless steel corner

Build Platform

heated aluminium hexagonal printer shape

Linear Motion

hardened steel rail and ball bearing carriages

Stepper Motor

0.9° step angle with 1/32 microstepping (1.8° optional)

Product Dimensions

triangle side 45 cm height 85 cm

Print Technology

Delta machine fused deposition modeling

Layer Resolution

up to 50 microns

Position precision

400 step/mm in all 3 direction (XYZ) 

Nozzle diameter

0.2-0.5 (0.4 default) 


Filament diameter

1.75 mm

Filament Compatibility

ABS, PLA , FLEX  (elastic), PETG , HIPS , ABS-PC

Build Volume

circular 220 mm D x 400 mm H





76 km 490 m 37 cm


This is the print of the day :



(model by Daniel Moos)

( CHEWZ-GRAY-PLA, 0.15 layer height)



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